Video Library

Video Library

Dynamic, engaging, and functional interactive touch applications

Interactive touch applications are all about being in the moment, experiencing hands on the power of a sleek touch screen doing exactly as you expect. Since we can’t physically be with you today we’ve created this touch screen videos library for you to get just a glimpse of what interactive touch solutions are capable of. Whether it is controlling all aspects of a live broadcast from the control room to playing a game of Pong against a friend, touch applications are only going to grow in popularity and usage in the coming years.

The Multi-Touch Experience
Product Feature
See the line of Multi-Touch Monitors
and applications being used on them!

Application: Lobby Management
Doctor’s Practice
See the TRu 32″ Slim Line used in a
doctor’s practice waiting room.

Application: Control Panel
Broadcast Control Room
See the TRu 32″ Slim Line used in a
video production company control room.

TRu Multi-Touch
Applications Overview
See consumer facing and business operation
applications including esignatures.

Application: Technology Happens
Credit Union Signing
See how Technology Happens using Multi-Touch with Vantage Point device.

The Multi-Touch Monitors are only one part of a complete interactive touch experience. An engaging, useful touch screen solution is the result of a well thought out and planned application. What is the goal of the application? Who is the user? What environment is the application being used in? Answering these questions will help get you on your way to developing an application which meets your needs. The applications highlighted in the videos above and the videos themselves are the results of a solid plan and strong execution. They were designed and created with the help and expertise of many of our partners. To get help on your next touch application contact our Multi-Touch Partners.

Visit our applications library to see more examples of how others are using touch.