Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

See how others in your industry are applying touch applications

A large number of industries are using touch screen monitors to market, engage, and increase productivity. Consumers have come to expect this type of interaction in their daily lives. The explosion of smart phones and tablets has led to increased use of touch technology in the business world. Businesses want to provide relevant information to customers in a medium they are already comfortable using. With endless options for consumers, businesses can use interactive touch applications as a way to distinguish themselves from competitors.

Just as consumers expect touch, employees are consumers themselves and use touch technology in their personal lives. This should be no different for their work environment. Touch technology allows businesses to streamline operations, customize systems and enhance their employee’s work experience. Different industries using touch screens will have different goals with their application. Interactive touch solutions can attract new customers, teach students the periodic table, or allow an employee to easily switch between control panels to complete his tasks.

The Multi-Touch Monitor Lines can be used in a wide range of these industry solutions. The monitor is only one aspect of the overall touch experience. In addition to the monitors themselves, the content displayed covers a wide spectrum of information from the fun and educational to the technical and precise. See how your industry and others are incorporating touch solutions into their everyday use.

Industries using touch screens include:

Don’t see your industry above? While the use of touch technology is more prevalent in some industries it doesn’t mean touch applications don’t apply to your industry. We are constantly surprised by the industries using touch screens and the applications which they have created. It truly shows the creativity and potential of multi-touch.