Industrial Touch Screens

Enhancing the Human Machine Interface

Industrial touch screens are redefining the human machine interface (HMI) with their intuitive interface and ease to reconfigure. The wide variety of applications and specifications for human machine interfaces require flexibility and customization to meet the environmental needs. Hand held devices to large format touch displays can be used in different depending on the operator’s needs. Industrial touch screens can be used in a single machine, process or used to control the entire system.

The operator can comfortably perform his tasks without multiple control panels with the somewhat cumbersome buttons, knobs, and gauges. Instead a single touch screen panel can replace the traditional human machine interface with a customizable control panel layout that is easily updated.

The same industrial touch screen can pull up multiple control panel layouts dependent on the operators needs at that specific time.

With a consistent panel format training time is decreased from learning multiple controllers with different requirements and downtime is reduced. Instead of waiting for a specific replacement part to be delivered for a traditional panel, an industrial touch screens allows you to use any monitor to access the needed operator panel. Industrial quality touch screens are built for durability, resist facility environmental factors, and are easily cleaned and sanitized.