Hospitality Touch Screens

Enhance your guest and visitor’s experience with touch technology

In a competitive industry, touch screens for the hospitality industry give a competitive advantage to businesses. Touch technology gives guests an engaging, intuitive experience while sharing information, entertaining, or streamlining processes. Whether it is a large format touch screen displaying upcoming events and specials or a touch screen kiosk allowing guests to interact one-on-one, touch technology enhances the consumer’s experience. Touch technology adds value and can elevate your brand’s image. Customer facing applications include:

  • Wayfinding applications to navigate through the hotel or resort
  • Kiosks highlighting resort amenities and community attractions
  • Self-service check-in and out for guests in a hurry
  • Interactive restaurant menu boards, spa services or live entertainment schedules
  • Gaming terminals – video slot machines, trivia, and poker

Hospitality touch screens streamline and improve hospitality staff’s workflows and processes. Mobile touch devices give employees the freedom to move around to best serve guests while still being able to communicate with other employees and complete their job functions. This gained efficiency allows the staff to focus on the guest’s experience.


Application: Lobby Management -
Resort & Hotel

From bill payment and training to mobile order taking and promotional sign-ups touch technology reduces errors, speeds up processing and enhances the hospitality experience.

TRu Monitors can provide you with hospitality touch screens to complete your next project. Our team of Multi-Touch Partners can also help you create a complete solution with application design, video content, and the environment in which the monitor will be displayed.


Application: Wayfinding -
Shopping Center