Educational Touch Screens

Interactive training solutions for child and adult learners

The use of educational touch screens continues to grow for both teachers and students. Multi-touch interactive training solutions allow the learner to take control of how they consume the knowledge in a comfortable, intuitive way.

Many educational institutions have given teachers multi-touch screens to use for interactive presentations, lesson planning, and to stay organized.Some schools have taken it a step further giving educational touch screens to students. Usage includes educational games, reading interactive books, completing equations, and matching concepts. While this is still a relatively new implementation, initial research shows increased learning and understanding by students.


Studies have observed higher math, reading and vocabulary comprehension in students who have used touch screens in an educational setting as opposed to those who have not.

Educational touch screens can also be used by those with disabilities. This allows disable learners the same access to materials as their non-disabled peers. Touch screens are more intuitive and easier to use for some who aren’t able to grasp how to work computer hardware. Applications can be specially made with the learner’s ability taken into account.

The broad range of Multi-Touch Monitors allows educational institutions to select education touch screens based on the specific application. Tablet and desktop monitors are ideal for an individual or small group to work with. The learner can engage with the content sitting in a small group or at their desk. Large format touch displays are ideal for conference and classrooms to display information to large groups of individuals. The touch component of the monitor allows the presenter to easily interact with the educational touch screen and further engage the audience.