Casino and Gaming Touch Screens

Gaming machines, touch tablets, and digital signage

There may be no other industry where touch technology is more crucial for the consumer experience than in a casino gaming environment. When you walk into a casino the atmosphere is enticing, exciting, and vibrant. The aroma, colorful lights, and sound of ecstatic players make up this atmosphere. Casino and gaming touch screens are a part of this experience and seen everywhere throughout the venue. Players expect a sleek, precise gaming experience from slot machines to video poker screens.

Gaming touch screens add to the overall gaming experience. Touch screen touch technology also gives the venue as a whole a savvier, more prestigious brand identity. In this type of environment it is key that the touch screen monitors be industrial grade to withstand the constant use.


Digital signage is also important in this environment from front desk sign in and wayfinding to restaurant, retail and promotions. Capture the attention of visitors and players using bright, bold content and intuitive user-friendly touch screens.

Employees can also benefit from touch screen solutions. Mobile employees can use touch tablets to take drink orders, survey guests, and sign-up players for promotions. The surveillance department can manage multiple cameras and communicate with the physical security force via touch tablets sharing information and video feeds.

The line of Multi-Touch Monitors provides a diverse range of model specification to meet the needs of the gaming touch screen’s environment. At the same time, we recognize that custom options are need for OEMs looking to incorporate touch technology into a specific project. Our team of engineers will work with you to customize a model that meets your exact needs and fits seamlessly into your  design.