Audio Visual

Manage systems using AV touch control panels

In a technology driven industry, audio visual touch displays streamline processes for AV specialists. AV touch control panels can be used to replace traditional somewhat cumbersome control panels that can be expensive and breakdown. Waiting for a replacement part to arrive means lost revenue and efficiency.

Touch control panels allow for flexibility and are easily configured for the job at hand. Panel operators have a sleek, precise work station to perform often time-sensitive tasks that if done mistakenly can have disastrous results. Multiple operators can use the same panel as one touch screen can be configured with several control panel layouts for different needs and perferences.

Audio visual touch displays can be mounted in control rooms to operator cameras for a live broadcast or to monitor a buildings security. Touch screens can be used in conference rooms and auditoriums to control lighting, audio, and visual systems to provide one master controller.Walking into a room before a big presentation can be intimating for any presenter. Add on top of that trying to figure out how to get the presentation on the screen, switch to the next slide, and make sure the sound is working. AV touch control panels can be just the solution. With a simple layout and prompts created in the initial application design non-techy users can easily navigate through interactive touch applications to get the system up and running.

In addition to control panels, audio visual touch displays can be used in lobbies to identify the businesses and employees in a complex and provide a map to get to the right location. In a conference room, in addition to control the AV system, they can also be a part of the presentation allowing the presenter to use touch to manipulate charts and engage the audience. Large format touch displays are also great for digital signage needs at convention centers, sports arenas, and large retail outlets. The possibilities for touch technology are endless when it comes to the number of ways in which touch can engage and educate.